FundFilter is about access.

  • The private fund landscape is changing.
  • The universe of investors looking at, and investing in, private funds is growing.
  • New investors are typically smaller institutions, wealth managers or individuals.
  • Until now there have been no accessible / affordable tools to help such investors navigate, understand and manage private fund investments.

We built FundFilter with such investors in mind. FundFilter is an easy to use, affordable data and analytics platform which investors of all sizes can use to...

  • Research Fund Managers
  • Forecast Fund Cash Flows
  • Plan Future Commitments
  • Compare Fund Performance
  • Construct Portfolios

Our groundbreaking approach to research uses proprietary AI technologies to find, process and present data on thousands of funds and fund managers at a fraction of the cost of incumbent techniques, making FundFilter much more affordable.

Our team of researchers, engineers, designers and data scientists have reimagined how private fund data should be accessed and interacted with. We have focused on making the data actionable in order to help understand, research and forecast private fund investments for a growing universe of investors.

The FundFilter app is the result of this effort. It has been built by investors for investors and we hope you enjoy using it.

Gavin Burke — Founder & Fund Investor


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FundFilter is a better way to follow private markets

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