Price Pending

Core Features:

  • Private Fund Performance Data
  • Fund Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Net Asset Value Forecasting
  • Future Commitment Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Strategy Scenario Testing
  • Fund Manager Research
  • Fund Comparison Analytics
  • News: Sentiment & Summarizer
  • Fundraising Data & Status
  • J-Curve & NAV Curve Tracking
  • Upload Your Own Data (private)

Forecast fund cash flows and net asset values

Use data science to generate cash flow and net asset value projections to help gauge directional needs.

Forecast portfolio netting effect & plan future commitments

Add any existing or future fund to your portfolio and the potential impact it has to your cash flows needs and net asset risk over a five-year projected period.

Research funds and fund manager track records

Use FundFilter to visually compare funds with peers, assess a fund manager's track record, team structure and curated news with sentiment.